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Wiseco Forged Performance Pistons - 2.2L Slingshot

Wiseco Forged Performance Pistons - 2.2L Slingshot


For those looking to push the limit of their Polaris Slingshot with the brand new ProCharger kits, we offer upgraded piston options.  Wiseco has been making high quality forged pistons for the motorsports industry with a specific expertise in high performance powersports.  We offer these pistons in flat top (same 10:1 compression as factory pistons) and with an 8cc dish that should drop the compression to about 8.9:1 depending on block or head machining and gasket thickness.  The tune that comes with the ProCharger kit assumes a 10:1 piston.  We would recommend the 8.9:1 compression pistons if you are going to swap pulleys on the ProCharger (more boost) and have access to a tuner.

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