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Custom Tremec T56 MagnumEXTREME 6 Speed Transmission - 1,100FT/LBS

Custom Tremec T56 MagnumEXTREME 6 Speed Transmission - 1,100FT/LBS


Custom Tremec Close Ratio Magnum 6-Speed GM Transmission with the MagnumEXTREME Upgrade.  The MagnumEXTREME boosts the already strong T56 Magnum from 700 to 1,100 Ft/Lbs and allows for even higher revving shift points.  Gear Ratios: 2.66, 1.78, 1.30, 1:1, .80, .62. 

This Complete Kit Includes:

  • Strange Chrome Moly Slip Yolk
  • Billet Aluminum Hard Anodized Floating Bearing Retainer
  • HydraMax Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit for TKO/Muncie - Includes Slave and Hardware
  • QuickTime SFI Bellhousing for LS/LQ Engines. Includes Motor Plate and Hardware. 6.1SFI Certified at 85,000PSI
  • White Lightning Shifter Mechanism
    • TKO with 1" Offset
    • Short Throw All Billet Construction
    • Independent Adjustable Shift Balance
    • 8 Way Revolution Offset
    • Includes Upright and Hardware
    • Use for Gen1 F-Body, Gen2 Nova, Classic Ford or where 1" offset is required.  The trans is available without the offset.
  • Magnum 6 Speed Electronic Wiring Kit
    • Electronic Speedometer Harness
    • Reverse Lock Out Harness
    • Reverse Light Harness

Optional Science Friction Atomic Twin Clutch And Flywheel Assembly - $1,938

This a perfect match for the MagnumEXTREME 6 Speed.  The world’s only progressive twin disc system hits one disc at a time for a single disc feel you can creep in traffic or at the starting line with mad performance capabilities, no noise, no shims and none of that jerk your spine out on-off switch feel of other twins.  It is pre-paralleled and balanced for easy set up.  Clutch Assembly Rated to 950Ft/Lbs of Torque (Better to have the trans rated for more power than the clutch.  It's preferable to have the clutch be the point of failure.  However, the assembly is available in other configurations for up to 1,100Ft/Lbs).

The Kit Includes:

  • Custom Atomic Twin Lightened Billet Steel Flywheel
  • Billet Aluminum Floater Cage
  • Spring Actuated Cryo-Hardened Steel Mid-Plate – Progressive Engagement with No Rattles
  • Cryo Hardened Low Effort Atomic Clutch Cover
  • Cryo Hardened Low Effort Atomic Twin Floater Plate
  • Twin 26-Spline Ceramix Discs
  • All Steel Release Bearing
  • Grade 8 Fasteners
  • Alignment Tool
  • Pilot Bearing

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