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Pontiac 455 Street Engine, Hydraulic Roller, 560 hp, 590 tq

Pontiac 455 Street Engine, Hydraulic Roller, 560 hp, 590 tq


The Pontiac GTO remains an icon of the muscle car era. The Pontiac 455 engine was its pinnacle of power. We "digitally remastered" this classic on our CNCs, upgraded a host of parts and converted it to a hydraulic roller cam supported by lifter valley braces. The net result is power (560 hp, 590 tq) and reliability far beyond its original capabilities.

Check out this beast on our dyno:

Borowski Built 455 Cubic Inch Pontiac Engine - Street Hydraulic Roller, 560 hp / 590 tq from Borowski Race Enterprises on Vimeo.

Many of the new parts are in plain sight, such as Edelbrock Performer aluminum heads and intake manifold, MSD distributor, Quick Fuel 850 cfm carb and Canton Racing oil pan.  The internals include a Scat rotating assembly, a Lunati hydraulic roller cam (with lifter valley braces) and more.  

What truly sets this engine apart is our "digital remastery".  Here are some key examples:
  • The OEM manufacturing precision for this block was about two orders of magnitude lower than our 4-axis CNC mill.  We are able to correct the locations of the bores which dramatically improves performance through achieving internal consistency of cylinder timing and detonation.  Besides correcting location, we bush the lifter bores which then allows us to correct over-oiling topside and force more oil flow to the mains.
  • Our Newen Contour seat & guide machine is a CNC mill capable of bowl blending, cutting valve angles and unshrouding valves in a single pass with unrivaled precision.  This precision sculpting raises the horsepower of every head it touches including all the brand-new heads we use in our builds.  For this engine, we also port matched the intake to the heads.
  • Proper balancing of the rotating assembly is critical to an engine's performance and longevity.  Once again, our computer balancing is far more precise than original OE.

Call us now at 815-725-2727 to lock this one in for your Pontiac before its gone. Need a transmission too?  Let us know.  We will help you select the one that is right for you.


  1. These engines are not pollution compliant and are intended for transportation use only in pre-pollution controlled vehicles.
  2. All BRE engines are individually dyno tested and tuned.  Customers will be supplied with video of their engine's dyno along with the dyno and build sheets.
  3. Dyno results on the same engine are influenced by atmospheric conditions. The same engine can easily test +/- 2% different on horsepower depending upon ambient conditions.  The engine you receive will have completed its dyno session at no less than 98% of rated horsepower with the tune we provide.
  4. The final appearance of these engines can be customized to the purchaser's specifications.


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