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MID Sleeved Dart LS Next Aluminum Block - 1/2" Head Stud Provisions

MID Sleeved Dart LS Next Aluminum Block - 1/2" Head Stud Provisions


The LS Next block is the first significant change in the bottom end architecture of the LS engine platform. By eliminating the “Y-block” design and utilizing conventional style main caps and oil pans.  Dart has addressed the problems resulting from the LS engine’s separated crankcase bays. Windage is greatly reduced, resulting in increased power and improved lubrication.

This design change led to several additional improvements. The main webs are significantly stronger because the bay to bay breathing windows are eliminated in Dart’s design. Deleting the windows also allows the cylinder barrels to be extended by .3750” into the crank case, providing greater piston support at the bottom of the stroke. 

All stock and aftermarket LS components can be utilized. Conventional style 4-bolt steel main caps are used. A 5/8” thick full deck design is utilized for superior strength, with six head bolts per cylinder to provide secure clamping. Dart’s priority main oiling system ensures high rpm reliability and includes provision for oil restrictors in the lifter valley.

  • Darton MID Sleeves for Maximum Strength
  • Pistons Oilers Standard
  • Blind head bolt holes don’t go through into the water jacket
  • Provision for oil restrictors in the lifter valley
  • Revised low restriction priority main oiling system
  • Pro-Stock / Pro-Mod big block style stepped main oil galley
  • An external oil filter must be used with stock or aftermarket oil pumps
  • Dual starter mounts
  • The water jacket on the #1 cylinder has been expanded for additional cooling capacity
  • LSX style lifter bosses and dog bone provision are provided

The set of head fasteners unique to the Dart MID block are available as an option above.  The kit includes the set of 1/2" ARP studs and the additional studs nuts and washers designed to work with the block's unique upper head stud row in the lifter valley.


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