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Dart SHP LS Next Cast Iron Engine Block

Dart SHP LS Next Cast Iron Engine Block


When Dart introduced the LS Next block in 2013, it opened the door to mechanically reliable big horsepower builds. The design featured a bottom end with splayed billet main caps, priority main oiling, 6-bolt head provisions, longer cylinder barrels and much more. The iron, aluminum, Darton sleeved and billet variants essentially blew the top off horsepower limitations and we at BOROWSKI RACE ENGINES, INC. were all over it from Day 1 as the advantages were glaringly obvious. We have since built a gamut of power including NA, supercharged, turbo and nitrous engines. One recent LS Next creation of ours featured a 4.5L Whipple plus nitrous and water-meth injection shown in the video below. 

Borowski Built Whipple 427 LS from Borowski Race Enterprises on Vimeo.

The downside for those who had an OEM LS equipped vehicle was that the LS Next skirtless design was not directly compatible with many of the OEM parts such as the oil pan, filter and accessories. All of these challenges could be solved with aftermarket parts but at a cost. The market for the LS Next blocks was therefore heavily centered on LS swaps and big budget, big power (>1,000 hp) builds where OEM part compatibility was not an issue.

Enter the DART SHP LS NEXT Cast Iron block. It features a fully skirted design with a priority main oiling system and provisions for stock and aftermarket oil filter mounting while retaining the key enhancements of the LS Next. Designed for high performance and medium duty applications, the SHP LS Next Block is the ideal starting point for hot rodders, drag racers, circle track competitors, off-roaders, and high performance marine enthusiasts. The block has a lower price point and the inter-compatibility of parts greatly reduces the cost and complexity of swapping out an OEM LS. It effectively fills the gap between an OEM block and the high end range covered by the skirtless LS Next.

  • Dart priority main oiling system with provisions for stock oil filter mounting.
  • Siamesed cylinder bores with thick walls.
  • Cylinder barrels extended 0.375" at the bottom of the bores relative to OEM.
  • Thick decks ensure reliable head gasket seal.
  • Blind head bolt holes.
  • 6 bolt per cylinder capability.
  • Scalloped water jackets increase flow around cylinders for better cooling.
  • Splayed outer bolts on middle main bearing caps.
  • Provisions for LSX roller lifters and cam.
  • Uses OE front and rear covers.
  • All OE bolt holes for starter, water pump, etc.
  • Parts kit sold separately


  • Deck Height: 9.240" (Stock)
  • Cylinder Bores: 4.000" up to 4.185" (Max)
  • Main Bearings Size: Stock LS
  • Main Caps: Steel 4-Bolt
  • Cam Location: Stock 55MM
  • Lifter Bores: Stock .842" Diameter

The 'Fully Machined" option gives you an assembly ready painted block with cam bearings and oil galley plugs installed.  Additional block machining options include 1/2" head bolts and installation of piston oilers.  We would be pleased to supply you with anything from an "as-is" block to a complete crate engine like the one in the video.

4 Axis Engine Block Machining from Borowski Race Enterprises on Vimeo.


Please give us a call at 815-725-2727 to discuss your specific needs.


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