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Dart Pro1 LS3 Cylinder Heads

Dart Pro1 LS3 Cylinder Heads


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  • LS3 Style Cylinder Heads (Pair)
  • Available Bare or Complete
  • The Assembled Options are for a Hydraulic Cam Set Up - Click Here for Mechanical Cam Options
  • LS3 Exhaust port locations and bolt pattern
  • 2.165-inch Intake Valve, 1.600-inch Exhaust Valve
  • RMR virgin heat treated 355-T61 cast aluminum material
  • 280cc intake runners, 102cc exhaust runners
  • Accepts OEM or LS3 aftermarket intake manifolds
  • Accepts OEM or aftermarket LS3 valvetrain
  • .500-inch thick decks for stability in boosted and nitrous applications
  • Dart's all-new Pro1 LS3 cylinder head features the latest in port and combustion chamber design. The company's investment in casting and tooling capabilities allows them to produce a cylinder head design that is unrivaled in the market.
  • Assembled cylinder heads are available with 1.290-inch beehive or 1.295-inch dual valve springs to suit nearly any application. The valve seats feature a five-angle design for the intake valve and a three-angle design for the exhaust valves to promote excellent flow.
  • Cylinder heads work on LS and LS Next-style blocks with a four or six-bolt configuration for maximum clamping ability.
  • Racing inspired combustion chamber improves flame propagation and increases air flow.
  • Dart has designed these as-cast cylinder heads to perform like ported cylinder heads--maximizing performance and minimizing your investment.
  • Internal Borowski testing with these cylinder heads prove they are capable of well over 1,000 horsepower and 1,000 pound feet of torque.

Additional Information

Part Number



RMR virgin heat treated 355-T61 cast aluminum

Combustion Chambers


Intake Valve Diameter


Intake Port Volume


Intake Port Dimensions

Stock LS3 location and bolt pattern

Intake Port Location

Stock LS3 location and bolt pattern

Intake Gasket

OE or Fel-Pro LS3

Exhaust Valve Diameter


Exhaust Port Volume


Exhaust Port Dimensions

1.750-inch x 1.550-inch

Exhaust Port Location

Stock LS3 port location and pattern

Exhaust Gasket

OE or Fel-Pro 1438

Flow, Intake

370 cfm @ .800-inch lift, 28” water

Flow, Exhaust

252 cfm @ .800-inch lift, 28” water


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