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Custom Diamond Big Boost LS Pistons

Custom Diamond Big Boost LS Pistons


Borowski Race Engines, Inc has worked with Diamond Pistons to develop a custom piston design that will outperform shelf pistons.  Custom diameters and dishes available.  Some common combinations kept in stock.  Click here for a compression calculator.

  • Thick crown with softened edges to prevent detonation
  • Better ring spacing to prevent the ring lands from collapsing under boost (about 30% wider spacing than shelf pistons)
  • Lateral bracing for better side support - will still clear reluctor ring with 4.000" stroke
  • .205 Wall Wrist Pin
  • Double wrist pin oilers and banana groove
  • CNC lightening on the underside

*Requires 6.000" Rod with a 4.000" Stroke or a 6.125" Rod with a 3.750" Stroke

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