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Custom Dart LS Next2 Block for Mega-Power Builds

Custom Dart LS Next2 Block for Mega-Power Builds


When you are pushing >2,000 horse at the flywheel, you want to make sure that things don't start coming apart! This Dart's LS Next2 block let's you lay on the boost with confidence. The short list: much bigger main caps, heavier head and main studs, and provisions for a Jesel Belt Drive.

The Dart LS Next2 block sports 2.750" mains which, all else being equal, gives you a much stronger crank relative to the standard 2.55" main diameter.

The larger main caps (see photos) are secured with 1/2" studs. The upgraded studs alone provide 50% more clamping force compared to the standard 7/16" studs. Ditto for the 1/2" head studs. There is no way that the 7/16" studs are going to hold the heads down once you get into really big boost.

The timing chain is another "weak link" when you get into the really big power range. This piece is machined to accept a Jesel Belt Drive which is the most accurate and durable cam timing systems available. Made in the USA, Jesel 2-piece upper pulley systems are built with the finest materials and coatings, and then precision CNC-machined to go the distance in any race and still be ready for more. These 2-piece camshaft belt drives are infinitely adjustable and track-proven to outlast chain drives, plus reduce the amount of harmonics being transferred to the camshaft.

Key Dimensions
  • Cylinder Bore Diameter: 4.125"
  • Deck Height: 9.240"
  • Lifter Bore Diameter: 0.904"

We can supply this block either "as-is" from Dart, or finished-machined with cam bearings and freeze plugs installed, painted any color you want. Truly assembly ready. 

Want it built into a short block, long block or complete crate engine? No problem. We know what works and hold inventory of the high-end parts to complete your build. Whatever you need in the world of big power LS, we can help.  Please call at 815-725-2727.

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