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Borowski Custom Brodix STS BR7 Cylinder Heads

Borowski Custom Brodix STS BR7 Cylinder Heads


 Brodix makes an outstanding LS7 head straight out of the box.  However, just like most cylinder heads there were some areas we found we could improve on the original.  Our port design is effectively the same as theirs. They flow very well straight from Brodix.  The additional work we put in are the finishing touches that make them truly ready to perform and last.

  • State of the Art Newen Contour CNC Valve Job Ensures Perfect Valve Sealing (click here)
  • Measure the Combustion Chamber Volumes to Verify Volume and Symmetry
  • Mill the Firing Deck to Improve Surface Finish and to Correct for One Head Having a Slightly Larger or Smaller Combustion Chamber (Common Across Most Manufactured Heads)
  • Deburr the Entire Head by Hand
  • Check and Measure every Valve's Assembled Height, Stem Height and Guide Clearance.
  • Hone Guides as Required
  • Check and Set Spring Heights on Every Spring

The parts we've selected are strong and will perform well in NA, nitrous and boosted street applications.  The video below is of a 4.5L Whipple supercharged 427 Dart LS Next using these heads.  The engine made well over 1,400HP, over 1,300TQ with a hydraulic cam.  In addition to the supercharger, the engine also had nitrous and water/meth injection.  The heads performed flawlessly.

  • Custom Manley Gen II Severe Duty Hollow Stem Intake Valves
  • Custom Manley Gen II Extreme Duty Inconel Exhaust Valves
  • Manley NexTex Dual Valve Springs
  • Manley Machined Bead Locks, Manley Steel Retainers & Manley Spring Locators

This is the combination we choose to put on our engines.  We have hundreds of dyno tests showing this is a winning combination of excellent craftsmanship and superior parts.  Priced as Each.

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