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Callies Magnum LS Crankshaft

Callies Magnum LS Crankshaft


We here at Borowski Race Engines, Inc are big fans of Callies cranks and rods for a lot of reasons.  Performance is always part of the equation but durability is right up there. As we see it, price is less important than performance and durability since if it either doesn't work or wrecks your engine, it was a bad deal.  Low cost Chinese materials or parts may be okay in low performance engines coming from the OEMs but they have no business in high performance builds such as whatever you are thinking about right now.

Quality design, materials and machining is what delivers the performance and survivability.  We have gone the extra mile to select only those key suppliers who pass our extreme vetting process.  For Callies, that included a factory tour to inspect their manufacturing and QC procedures.  We confirmed that Callies Magnum cranks use Timken steel alloys cast and forged in the USA with all machining and finishing done at their plant in Fostoria Ohio.  Here is a video showing their final step which includes dimensional checks and polishing:

 Getting onto the design, here are the features and specs for the Magnum LS crank:

Standard Features
* Average Weight for 4.000 in. Stroke Balanced to 1785g Bob. = 47 lbs.
* Magnums are Sold Rough Balanced to 1700g Bob.
* Gun Drilled Mains
* All Rod Journals Lightened
* Dual Linear Post Keyways
* Stroke Availability from 2.600 in. to 4.500 in.
* Heat Treatment = Perma Case Deep Nitride

Special Options
* Additional Post Keyways, Custom Post Drilling
* Custom Flange Bolt & Dowel Drilling
* 2.100, 2.000, 1.888 and 1.825 Rod Journal Diameters
* Extended Length Post for LS7 Type Front Assembly
* Custom Reluctor Hub Machining or Removal
* 24 or 58 Tooth Billet Reluctors Installed

We stock Callies cranks and rods both for our own engine builds, and as authorized dealers for resale.  Give us a call at 815-725-2727 for whatever your needs may be.

NOTE: Pricing indicated above is for the crank shown (APJ31T-MG) which features a standard snout with stroke, pin and main sizes of 3.750", 2.100 and 2.559 respectively.  Please call for pricing and availability on any of the many other Magnum LS crank configurations or any other Callies Product.


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