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2,000 Horsepower, 427ci LS7 with Twin Bullseye 83mm NLX Turbos

2,000 Horsepower, 427ci LS7 with Twin Bullseye 83mm NLX Turbos


Here is some serious power and built to last.   This bad boy will be making a splash at Drag Week later this year.  As can be seen in the table below, the numbers on our dyno break-in at relatively low boost were pretty amazing.  

Fuel Boost Peak HP Peak Torque
 Pump Gas  15 psi 1,432 1,003
Methanol 22 psi 1,929 1,325

 (see attached comparative dyno sheet)

We ran without water to our dyno's intercooler in order to mimic what will happen in the vehicle, which has no intercooler.  Thanks to the super-efficient Bullseye NLX turbos, intake air temps never went above 110F and back pressure was minimal (< 2 psi).  EGTs were so low that the headers didn't even light up (see video below).  We also love their full ball-bearing design and patented adjustable MAP groove.

The performance story speaks from the data and video.  What about "built to last"?  That requires a combination of top-notch parts, engine design, machining, assembly and final dyno tuning.  Rather than write a book or brag about how good we are, here are some of the other parts/design highlights:

  • Dart LS Next2 block featuring Ford Cleveland-style main bearings with 1/2" studs
  • Dailey's Engineering 7-stage dry sump
  • BRE custom Callies Billet crank and Ultra I-Beam rods
  • BRE custom Diamond hard-anodized, full-round skirted pistons with ceramic-coated crowns and moly-coated skirts
  • Jesel belt drive
  • BRE custom Comp Cams mechanical roller cam
  • BRE custom All Pro CNC-ported heads with Crower shaft rockers, titanium intake and Inconel exhaust valves
  • Dual fuel rails

There is still some time to get yourself one of these this racing season, but not much.  We can also tailor it to your needs.  Call us now at 815-725-2727 and let's talk through your specific requirements, lead time and pricing for exactly what you want.


  1. This engine is not pollution compliant and is intended for off-road use.
  2. All BRE engines are individually dyno tested and tuned.  Customers will be supplied with video of their engine's dyno along with the dyno and build sheets.
  3. Pricing is for the engine complete as shown and described.  It also includes the pair of Bullseye NLX 83mm turbos and a Holley Dominator Vehicle Management System with tunes for the intended fuels.



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