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1,540 hp LS7 Hydraulic Cam Twin Turbo - Complete Serpentine, Holley HP & Turbos

1,540 hp LS7 Hydraulic Cam Twin Turbo - Complete Serpentine, Holley HP & Turbos


Are you looking for a truly extraordinary engine for your ride? Do you want incredible power, cutting edge technology, top-shelf parts and want it now? Want plug and play? Look no further.

Boosted with two 76mm Bullseye TCT turbos, our break-in tune yielded an awesome 1,540 horsepower on race fuel. Using the included Holley Dominator EFI control system, boost can be easily dialed back to suit a pump gas tune for street. We did the tuning on our engine dyno and provide the pump gas and race fuel tunes with the engine. The self-learning Holley Dominator will adapt and adjust after installation as it learns your vehicle and driving conditions.

Let's talk big-ticket performance parts, all of which are our custom BRE designs. The foundation is a Dart iron LS Next block that we upgraded with 1/2" head bolts and our precision finish machining. The rotating assembly combines Callies' Dragonslayer crank and Ultra rods with Diamond pistons to provide a 4 inch stroke and 427 cubic inches displacement. All Pro heads with our CNC porting and valve job machining let this bad boy breathe.

From bottom to top, no skimping; from custom oil pan to our signature valve covers. Our top-of-the-line serpentine serpentine system features AC, PS and a 225 amp alternator to keep all your electronics going.

Here is a piece that not only delivers the wish list, it looks great too!

Call now at 815-725-2727.

Oh, almost forgot to mention.  The engine in the photos and videos was featured by Dart at the 2016 PRI and written up by LSX Magazine entitled Borowski Race Engines’ 1,540 HP 427 Dart LS Next At PRI 2016  While that exact engine is long gone, we can build one you just like it in a relatively short order.

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