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Whipple Superchargers

We choose to sell Whipple Superchargers for street/strip applications. They're strong, reliable, make very efficient power and offer cleaner installations than other side-mounted options.
  • Made in the USA - most units 50 State Emission Legal
  • Screw Blowers Generate Less Heat Leaving a Cooler Air Charge
  • No Lag (Compared to Turbos & Centrifugal) - Makes Power "Right Now"
  • Volumetric Efficiency Levels Up to 99.9%
  • Only Costs 1HP of Drag under Idle/Cruise
  • Unmatched Quality and Precision - Better Quality means Better Boost
  • Proprietary Air-Bypass Redirects Air Charge when Off Throttle for Greater MPG

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Example Blower Packages

2.9L Whipple Supercharger Kit

  • 109MM Inlet
  • Polished Blower Case
  • Built-in Intercooler
  • 6 Rib 4 Inch Pulley
  • Tensioner Plate



  • LS7 Style Manifold (+$150)
  • 63Lb EV1 Fuel Injectors (+$560 - OEM Length Injectors Won’t Fit) 
  • Polished Billet 109mm LS 4-Bolt Throttle Body w/ Remote IAC ($+625)

4.0L Whipple Supercharger Kit

  • 170MM Crusher Inlet
  • Polished Blower Case
  • Built-in Intercooler
  • 10 Rib 4.5 Inch Pulley
  • Upgraded LS7 Manifold
  • Includes Throttle Body
  • Injectors Not Included 
  • Remote Idle Air Control (IAC