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Dart LS Next

Dart LS Next

11/18/2013: Borowski Race Engines secures an order for the first two aluminum Dart LS Next blocks due in early 2014. Iron LS Next blocks are in stock.

  • New RMR Alloy in Aluminum Models
  • 9.240 Deck Height
  • Barrel Length: .375 longer than stock GM
  • Max Bore: 4.185
  • Optional .937 Lifter Bore
  • Aluminum Pricing: TBD
Little M Style Billet Splayed Caps6 Bolt Head ProvisionsTrue Priority Main OilingDeep Main Saddles

Recent customer that brought in a LS2 for a rebuild: "Seeing them side by side, the Dart block is clearly a better piece - even from a distance."

  • Dart Fixed the Weak OEM Side Skirt and Main Webbing. Other aftermarket block manufacturers have perpetuated the flawed GM design. Example pictures here, here and here.
  • 6 Bolt Head Provisions
  • True Priority Main Oiling, 
  • Little M Style Billet 4-Bolt Splayed Main Caps 
  • Enlarged Water Jackets 
  • Unskirted Crankcase Reduces Windage & Allows Use of a Larger Sump Oil Pan
  • Full Deck Design is 5/8” Thick with Blind Head Holes
  • Extended Cylinder Barrel Length for Greater Piston Support
  • Siamese Cylinder Bores
  • Lifter Oiling Cross-over with Restrictor Provision

Option 1

Bare Block Straight from Dart
4.000 or 4.125 Cylinder Bores

Free Shipping to Continental US
($150+ Value) - 2% Discount for Cash, Check or Chase Quick Pay


Option 2

Fully Prepped Block Ready for Assembly.

Square Deck to Height on 4-Axis Rottler CNC
Deburr Entire Block & Main Caps.
Hone Cylinders w/ Torque Plate
Alighnhone Mains, Hone Lifter Bores
CNC Chamfer Cylinders
Final Clean Block and Paint with Primer
Install Dart Cam Bearings & Test Fit Cam
Install Oil Galley and Freeze Plugs
Free Shipping to Continental US ($150+ Value) Cam Bearings, Freeze Plugs & Oil Galley Plugs ($130 Value).